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Treasure Your Health Seminar seeks to give individuals tools that they can use to prevent and/or treat various ailments with simple, natural means in their own homes. There is a strong focus on educating individuals in healthy lifestyle behaviors and promoting the adoption of those behaviors; training in the use of natural remedies such as Water  therapy, herbal therapy, nutrition therapy, and others; and integrating biblical spirituality in the healing process. Overall, this seminar seeks to prepare you to be able to better meet your health needs and those of your friends and family with disease prevention and natural therapies.



Glenda is a Natural Healthy Lifestyle Coach who worked for 9 years in patient care as a Nurse Caregiver.  She currently resides in the Heart of Texas  with her husband, and conducts workshops on self care and natural remedies,  on-line coaching sessions and works promoting natural health seminars.

2.5 Day  Treasure Your Health Seminar

Seminar Location  To Be Announced

Waco, TX   Seminar Cost $997.00

Seminar Notebook Contains information about the seminar as well as seminar lecture notes

Meals: Tasty Vegan, gluten free (Breakfast & Lunch)

Health Diagnostic Testing

We offer comprehensive nutrition, allergy tests and blood type valued at 600$- test results values and ranges will be reviewed and discussed during the “Explaining Test Results” class, including the significance of abnormal readings. If you don’t know your blood type line-up to get your finger pricked on first day of seminar. Check the registration form if you want to participate.

Attendee receives:

Complete Bio-Energic Health Assessment

Health Consultations.

Specific services for each guest, which may include Water Therapy, Thermal Therapy, Exercise or Rub-downs.

Self-Care Lectures

Natural Remedies and Cooking Classes

Therapeutic Diet

Natural Healthy Lifestyle Consultant: Also your coach and encourager, working closely with you so natural healing and health can occur just as rapidly and completely as possible.

Enjoyable educational & social activities.

To Learn More About the any of the programs we offer please contact Glenda. Send a text message or email. Allow for up to 24 hrs for a response.  

We’re an energetic, flexible, and open-minded team ready to work hard for our clients. Please send us a message if you have any questions! 

Glenda Is Available for:

Healthy Life Workshops, Business Seminars

Phone: +1 254-498-7040


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