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Custom Blended Solutions

Want to Relax?
want More Time For Yourself, without the Guilt?
Want To Live In a Good Mood and attract Love?

Glenda Hill, Creator of Custom Blended Solutions
promoting emotional and physical health using essential oils and herbals designed specifically for your unique needs

Certified Essential Oil Practitioner

Nurse Caregiver turned Aromatherapy Consultant

Sleep Better At Night. With 20 minutes of Aromatherapy every day can help you sleep better at night so you can feel more energized all day long.

Totally Relax.  My Aromatherapy sessions can help you learn to relax so you can feel confident to handle stressors effectively.

Boost Immune System. Custom Essential Oil Blends can boost your immune system so you can fight off illness and feel like smiling with toe-tapping happiness.

Learn To Relax, Be In A Good Mood Every Day With Aromatherapy

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Here's A sample of What You Will Learn

  • A good intention: Using essential oils just because they smell good is not always the safe and effective way to apply these powerful botanicals. Each Oil and Application must have a specific intention and purpose. You need a clear intention.
  • Good Quality Oils: As much as my job is to create Aromatherapy applications to meet your needs, my work is pointless without good quality Oils. Be sure to purchase Organic or Wild crafted essential oils to create safe and effective blends for application. In the Quick start Guide I have wonderful resources to buy from.
  • To be consistent: Aromatherapy is a proven effective complementary practice that may be used with other medical or holistic care plan. And there are safe essential oils for people on medication.  With that said, aromatherapy must be consistent to transform your health. A typical program may require a set frequency of 3-4 times a week for up to 3 months to influence the body for deep lasting change.

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