Glenda B Hill

Dealing with stomach upsets can be complicated and exhausting - especially when you've spent so much time and money trying to figure it out all on your own. Trust me, I solved my leaky gut issues in 18 months and it changed my life!

Enjoy Better Health

If you are not getting the results you want in life. It's possible you're trying to solve the WRONG problem

Hi, I'm Glenda Hill- HOLISTIC NUTRITIONIST helping business women and ministry leaders to focus on FAITH and Food Nutrition to Achieve Better Health and Prosperity
Glenda Hill, Holistic Nutritionist
Author of "Enjoy Better Health" Program

Want the energy and focus to manage your life and business?

 Boost the quality of your “whole”  life not by looking for answers on the outside of you… Connecting with your “inside” motivations will make day-to-day living less stressful and more productive so you can get the results you desire…

Nutrition Consulting

  • NES System for Health Assessment…
  • Personalized Meal Plans…
  • Natural Remedies and Nutritional Supplements

PR and Online Marketing

Don’t have time to create content to market your business?

Are You getting lost in social media land, and feel overwhelmed trying to keep up appearances like everything is under control?

I’ve got your back! Leave it up to me to develop your content to ensure your messaging and your business is getting the exposure it needs.

  • Ad Designs
  • Business Video Content Development
  • Event Planning and Marketing
  • Email Marketing

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