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Prioritize Your health

Tips, Tools and Training  to Create a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE... and an EXTRAORDINARY Life!

I help women of faith Prioritize Your HEALTH to become EXTRAORDINARY in every area of life.


Glenda Hill,  Nurse Caregiver and Coach

More women than ever are starting to make health a high priority, and there are plenty of good reasons why: Women want MORE quality of life– more emotional control, more confidence in stressful times, more feeling and looking gorgeous at any age, and more opportunities to live your divine purpose.

Here's How We Support You...

  • In "Prioritize Your Health" Class and Coaching sessions 
  • We cover natural foods to eat,
  • how to build health with herbs & oils, and 
  • manage stress with Aromatherapy, relaxation exercises and trust in God.  

Featured Classes


Aromatherapy is complementary to medical and holistic care programs. Using Essential Oils and relaxation exercises can support you in your total healthy life journey. You'll see the difference is amazing!

Healthy Eating

Our goal is to provide education on the use of natural foods to reduce stress, pain and  to better absorb nutrients.  The life-long benefit is mindful healthy eating to support your healthy lifestyle.


We care about YOU - mind body soul and will provide you with guidance, tools and accountability to stay on track to reach your health goals. We provide coaching and resources to help you make progress every step of your wellness journey.


An initial consultation is required to ensure that any solutions recommended do not interfere with allergies, medications or serious medical conditions.

Contact Glenda for your free consultation and find out if "Prioritize Your Health" is right for you! 

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