Conquer feeling the fear of rejection, build your confidence and pursue A life that’s truly fulfilling.

You CAN feel CONFIDENT and FULFILLED simply by being the REAL YOU!

Stop Feeling

  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Missing Out On Life
  • Shame of People Pleasing

Start Feeling

confident Personally & Professionally

Positive Emotions

Happy and fulfilled


Build Your Confidence

Feeling fear of rejection can be debilitating in your personal and professional life.  It may even prevent you from socializing, networking, speaking up for yourself and pursuing relationships, work and business opportunities. And If it has been Chronic stage you may be feeling anxiety, depression  and low self esteem – shamed for being a people pleaser. 

The good news is…

You can conquer that feeling and the pain associated with it will lose its power. 

Hi I'm Glenda Hill

I am a Confidence Coach, who combine  practical tools, and spiritual  principles to help you break free of what ever is in the way of you living the life you truly want.  

I left a successful career as a nurse caregiver to pursue a freedom lifestyle I could be truly passionate about… but it did not come easily. 

It doesn’t matter how skilled we are or how successful in the past — It always takes Confidence and Courage to get out of your comfort zone and break free of any obstacle holding you back from your best life.  

I can help you get crystal clear on what you want and how to get It.