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Discover My Signature Method For Building Your Confidence To Make Small and Large Lifestyle Changes for Better Quality Of Life 

(even if you are short on time)

With Technology, Support Systems and Coaching The Process To Switch To A Healthy Lifestyle is So Much Easier and Enjoyable.

allow me to introduce myself

My name is Glenda Hill, a Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Teacher. I worked as a Nurse Caregiver for 9 years and switched to natural health and healing to detox my life from dependence on medications for chronic back pain due to scoliosis. I understand your self-doubt and lack of confidence to switch to a healthy lifestyle and I recognize how hard it is to give up what you are comfortable doing for something you’re not so sure will work for you. I know how challenging this journey can feel at times. My intention is to help those who are ready for purposeful work, connect with their confidence and potential so they can step into the fullness of who they are meant to be. I am here to remind you that you CAN do this. Know that you ARE capable of achieving your dreams and fulfilling your purpose, no matter how out of reach they feel to you right now. I truly believe you have found your way to me for an important reason, so I invite you to take a deep breath, and allow me to share how I can help.
I believe many women, just like me, have a purpose-driven desire to use our God-given gifts and abilities to make a big impact on the world as thought leaders, change makers, influencers and uplifters. We live in a time where there is a massive rise of purpose-driven women and natural healers all presenting new ways of living a life that's truly fulfilling. It is absolutely amazing!