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Fasting For Weight Loss & Gut Health

When I first discovered I had leaky gut, I admit it made sense. My body was telling me to stop eating gluten, dairy, caffeine, soy, processed foods, and sugar.  I made the changes with the hope that I would not have to eat this way for the rest of my life. To speed up the process I tried fasting. First I ate 2 meals a day then only 1 meal a day. The rest I talk about in the video. The results were amazing. I could commit to this process without the need to feel victimized because this is only

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3 Health Myths & Facts

Myth: Supplements will make up for skipping meals  Facts: Supplements should certainly not be used as a meal replacement or a replacement for a healthy diet.  When a vitamin or mineral is taken in the wrong quantity, there is an immediate imbalance of the body’s economy of nutrients. As an example, calcium and phosphorus maintain a seesaw type of relationship with one another. When one goes up in the blood, the other goes down. If one takes a lot of calcium, the phosphorus goes down. Taking too much of phosphorus causes the calcium to decline. Too much protein powder (in meal replacement shakes) causes the

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Make A Healthy Impact

You can never stop Learning…  Lifestyle habits that help us to live with more energy, feel healthier maybe improve the way that we look even as we age.  There are and always will be obstacles standing in the way of us actually being the person that we want to be and living the life that we want to live. Life wisdom, never stop learning how to live healthy.

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