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I help Yo-Yo Dieters Achieve Weight Loss Keep It Off

Hello I'm Glenda Hill

Glenda works with Yo-Yo dieters to create a transition plan into a healthy lifestyle that really lights them up so they’re excited to live their purpose. She recently retired as a nurse caregiver after working for nine years helping people recover faster from injuries and surgeries. Currently she runs custom meal plan business and has been helping people achieve weight loss keep it off. Her ebook, 5 Step System To Permanent Weight Loss supports people in successfully navigating weight loss keep it off and other major life transitions. You can download the book for free at her website under "free-resources" tab

Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting, and feeling like your life is stuck on the last 10, 20+ pounds you want to lose... even though deep down, you know it's not the weight that is holding you back?

Here's a sneak peak into my 5 STEP Power Process That Leads To Permanent Weight Loss

#1 – Eating Schedule

Your digestive system is more prepared to embrace your meals when eating breakfast, lunch or dinner at consistent times each day. A properly functioning  digestive system prevents bloating, malabsorption, and indigestion reflux issues. Sticking to the eating schedule that works for you, increases your likelihood of sustainable weight loss.

#2 –  Key Nutrients

Getting quality Protein, Carbs, Fats and Essential Nutrients in your body by eating meals that require chewing your food. So you’ll need a clear process, a map to follow, and a guide to get you there – that’s what the meal plan tool brings to your life.  It helps you meet your nutritional requirements without a lot of fuss.

#3 – Food Selection

You can eat carbs and still lose weight! Yes, using whole foods makes creating delicious nutritious meals a more pleasing experience.  This is how you take control of what you’re eating.  Easy to digest and anti-inflammatory food selections helps you to discover food is capable of healing body and soul.  You decide for your life what foods to eat.

#4 – Portion Size

Serving Size does matter If you want permanent weight loss.  To learn to control your eating by portion control, you first have to determine the amount of food per serving is right for your body and health goals. Once you’ve done this resisting the urge to overeat rest in your hands. Literally! Your hand is a tool to use to stick to your portion sizes

#5 – Hydration

While nutritious meals breathe new life into you, it’s just the beginning of your journey. Drinking enough water is essential for nutrients to move to the cellular level in order to be effective.  You need a strategy and some tactics to regularly stay hydrated throughout the day. Like knowing what other fluids are beneficial for weight loss and total health.


If you’ve been yo-yo dieting, attempting to eat healthy and/or lose weight (and keep it off!), you owe it to yourself to see what I can offer you. Having worked in the healthcare field for many years as well as having personal success with weight loss keep it off, I would be delighted to share my secrets and partner with you to achieve your healthy weight, Finally!

Or maybe you just want to “clean up your diet” or to stop boring your taste buds and get more variety in life? I would love to work with you!

Weight loss… we’ll start from there.  I’ll give you a list of options that you can select a meal plan for your current lifestyle.

For yo-yo dieters, nutritious meal plans are one of the easiest tools to master. Unlike many Mental health strategies which can take years of practice to master, You can start with one meal at a time and you’ll notice an upliftng quality of physical and mental health.

I make your meal plans truly personalized.   I will do a detailed interview with you to identify your food likes and dislikes, eating schedule, and weight loss goals. I can create menus that will work well with your lifestyle and budget.  

  • You don’t need a nutrition degree to create your own nutritional meal plans that lead to permanent weight loss. 
  • You don’t need to be a gourmet chef to prepare simple delicious nutritious meals, and maintain your healthy weight.

Follow my 5 Step System Weight Loss Keep It Off.



If you have questions or are interested in working with me Schedule a phone Consultation.

During this 45-minute phone session, together we’ll discuss your health vision and we’ll pinpoint your biggest blocks.

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