Live Your Freedom Lifestyle

experience Personal Breakthroughs and Remove What is Standing Between You and What You Truly Desire.

Hi, I'm Glenda Hill

I am a Confidence Coach, who combine  practical tools, and spiritual  principles to help you break free of what ever is in the way of you living the life you truly want.  

I left a successful career as a nurse caregiver to pursue a freedom lifestyle I could be truly passionate about… but it did not come easily. 

It doesn’t matter how skilled we are or how successful in the past — It always takes Confidence and Courage to get out of your comfort zone and break free of any obstacle holding you back from your best life.  

I can help you get crystal clear on what you want and how to get It.

The Freedom Living Project

Your Life is the most valuable project you will ever have to work on

Freedom Living is not about being self serving. Living the Freedom Life is purposeful. You are becoming the most confident, strong, and fully alive person you desire to be – With An Unstoppable Mindset –so you can make the impact you’re excited to make serving others with your God-given gifts, talents and abilities. 

I desire to inspire women to live the kind of Freedom that is Not Running From or Running To  Anything, but Just Feeling FREE Inside themselves..   

No obstacles in the way for love, passion, health, happiness, success and fulfillment.


start living.

So Often, it’s not other people who are preventing you from achieving the greatness inside of you. Most of the time, it is you who prevent yourself with your self-doubt, discouraging self-talk, and self-imposed responsibilities. Let go of your limiting beliefs. Also, let go of your self-imposed responsibilities. The world does have so many problems. But, it’s not up to you to solve each and every one of them. Just do what you can to make a difference today.  Life can be more fun and fulfilling. Smile and allow your brain to release hormones for happy emotions.  

Pain Free Living

Is For You.

Maybe you have been struggling for years with diets, exercise programs, supplements and drug therapies, but no clarity has been brought to your situation. 

There is hope and healing available for you.  

Your magnificent body is designed to heal and to come back into balance in a way that goes far beyond what modern science and medicine can yet explain. When you remove the blocks that are in the way, healing may take place instantly or, at the very least, the body can begin the journey back to it’s natural state….the pain free state of health and wholeness.

take control of

Your Life.

Wonder why you feel miserable and blame it on other people? It may be that  you did not take control of your life. You gave your power away and gave others the control.

To become happy and fulfilled you must take back that control from other people. Take  responsibility for your health. Make your own choices and your own decisions. Take action that is aligned with your values and your purpose. If you want to be happier and more fulfilled, then have a vision for your health, life and business. Know who you want to become and where you want to be. Don’t allow anyone or anything stop you from pursuing your purpose. Set your own path and define your own success. Your life is not your own if you pattern it after other people’s lives. Only you can live the life that fulfills you.