Get Well Fast With A Natural Healthy Lifestyle

Tired of Side Effects of Drugs? You spend time and money managing symptoms. So why are you not enjoying better health?

Here's 8 Health Principles That Leads To "Get Well Fast" Naturally

#1 – Air

Fresh Air. You may have to learn how to breathe properly for this wonderful remedy to help you Get Well Fast. Good posture while breathing deeply will enable the air to get into the lungs. Take off all tight-fitting clothing, and breathe outdoor air. A lush green park in the morning sunshine would be a good place to start. This is how you assist the body to purify the blood and carry oxygen to various parts of the body.

#2 –  Water

Pure Water.  Many people don’t like the taste of water. Let that not be an excuse to break this law.  We need 6 – 10 glasses of water daily to cleanse the body of impurities. Learn to like it. Think of it as a healing remedy because we cannot live without it. Water is also essential for cleansing the skin, the largest organ of elimination. There are other benefits of using water for healing that I will talk about in the Natural Therapies section.

#3 – Nutrition

 Proper Diet. The purpose for a clean and nutrient-rich diet is to reflect the image of God.  Give the body delicious nutritious food and it will do the work of repair, and regeneration. Go Vegan!

#4 – Sunshine

Sunshine is a very effective germ killer. It strengthens the immune system to fight infection. Vitamin D. Helps heal diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, and cancer

#5 – Exercise

 Exercise. I hate exercise, but I love walking and physical labor, like planting trees.  For many people, such labor is more effective and profitable than drugs for physical healing and depression. Pleasurable physical labor helps circulation and nervous tension.

#6 – Rest

 Rest. I want to make a distinction here about rest and sleep. Rest breaks throughout the day are as necessary as 8 hours of sleep at night. When standing or sitting too long you can do yourself harm. I know because I have curvature of the spine and I need to change positions several times an hour. Get your beauty sleep at night. Eight to ten hours of sleep has the added benefit of helping you to be strong in the face of temptations in all areas of your life.

#7 – Moderation

 Temperance. The Bible says, “Let your moderation be known to all men.” Philippians 4:5.

#8 -Trust In God

Trust In God. I know the role I play in caring for my health. I am not my own, I have been bought with the price of Christ blood. Jesus is my Savior, Deliverer. Because I believe He forgives my sins He can deliver me from sickness, disease, and sin. With heart and soul, I trust in divine power.


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