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Glenda Hill

Change all begins with you. My Coaching helps you to change habits you’ve been struggling with for years. Especially habits that may have ruined every chance you have to achieve the level of health and wealth you dreamed of.   Still wherever you are at this stage in life your future can be better than you ever imagined.

My work is to help you to shift your perspectives so that you can live your destiny of prosperity.  Health in mind and body is how wealth can be enjoyed at the deepest most fulfilling level.  I use a variety of modalities in my practice including:

  • Coaching:  life and attraction marketing
  • Self-Healing:  Eating Vegetarian Style
  • Healthy Lifestyle Education

Depending on what is going on for you, I use my knowledge and experience to do whatever it takes to help you make the changes in your life  you need to prosper and be in health.

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