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Top 10 List To Avoid Stress Burnout and Love Your Life


Self-care can look glamorous and taking care of you is often easier said than done. So here’s my top 10 list of self-care to avoid stress burnout and fall in love with your life.

As a newbie entrepreneur I have days when I feel overwhelmed by my new responsibilities. That’s why I have self-care in my life and that’s why I am sharing my top ten list. I practice these self-care activities so I can love myself and love others by expressing qualities I value highly: accepting myself, ability to perform, and attractiveness.  Have you ever noticed how happy people possess that quality of attractiveness?

Your self-care activities will be different than mine. And if you’re new to self-care here’s a couple activities that are universally helpful:

Practicing deep breathing with good posture helps to stay calm in stressful situations and allow you to keep emotions under control.

Journal writing helps to release emotions in a healthy manner. Also, journaling is good for clarifying things, expressing gratitude, identifying patterns of stress triggers and accepting responsibility for your actions and reactions.

My Top 10

  1. Stretching my body
  2. Deep breathing with good posture
  3. Cook my favorite soul vegetarian meal
  4. Gardening: Planting Seeds, and Trees feels meaningful to me
  5. Hiking to connect with nature
  6. Socialize and shop at farmer’s markets
  7. Volunteering
  8. Learn something new that doesn’t feel like a chore
  9. Watch people at the sidewalk café
  10. Read inspiring life stories

I hope to encourage you to take pleasure in creating your self-care list that makes you feel good and happy.  More importantly start a self-care practice, Today! 

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