Glenda B Hill

How To Quiet Your Inner Critic

If something is holding you back in life and it’s your inner critic then I want to free you. Check out my coaching perspective on  How to quiet your inner critic.   I have experience with this self-doubt and insecurity rearing its head whenever I step out of my comfort zone and I can easily stop it in its tracks. I’ll share my strategy with you.

First thing is to take note of when and what triggers your inner critic.

For me it shows up when I step out of my  comfort Zone, or when I am introducing myself to new people or  I’m going into an unfamiliar territory  and trying something different.

Self-doubt rears  its ugly head.  

Sometimes it is helpful to understand why this is happening. Understanding and awareness will help you to stay composed.  See our brain is actually trying to keep us safe.  View it as a wake up alarm—

so when I see my inner critic for what it is which is a protection mechanism  then I can feel accepting towards it because it’s just my brain and my body’s way of saying it wants to protect me

Here’s The action step:    Talk yourself through it. Breathe through it

You’re already thinking it, “Okay this is something new “ or “ I know this is something I must do to grow and succeed in life”  especially if you are running your own business, on a blind date, or creating new partnerships and forming new relationships and trying hard to be yourself.

 Like I said talk yourself through it, ( saying hey brain I know what you are trying to do- I love that you want to keep me safe, but that doesn’t serve me well right now. ) Take a few deep breaths  to break the momentum  then you can switch your focus to more empowering thoughts better suited for the “reality” situation.

Alright now,  peace to you have a great day.  

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