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All you have to do is look around – People are stressed out and it shows in poor performance at work and home. And when stress is overwhelming the physical body we age faster. 

Are you seeing signs of aging faster than your years?

Are you losing interest in things that use to bring you joy?

That was me a few years ago and I wanted to do something about it other than taking prescription medication. 

Funny thing is, while I was working as a nurse caregiver it was my senior patients that told me about self-care. I did some research, updated the strategies a bit, and personalized a self-care plan to meet my needs. 

Now I love to share with you self-care strategies that are most effective in our modern culture. 

Please contact me if you have questions or want to dive deeper with a healthy lifestyle coach like me.

What People Say

My  9 years experience as a nurse caregiver had provided me with a skill-set that is perfect for helping people transform their lives.  I teach and empower women to take responsibility for their health, with Confidence and Self-care.

I take care of my own health, naturally – Healthy Living is a lifestyle I enjoy. Vegetarian meals, Natural Healing using  self care practices and herbs, essential oils and scriptures to feed my mindsets.

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