My story

I quit several jobs for the sake of my health. With scoliosis I had chronic back pain and fatigue, with medication side effects I had to deal with foggy brain, insomnia and leaky gut. But because of a strong work ethic that I got from being in the U.S. Army I developed a “suck it up” mindset. So while working my dream job in nursing  I realized I better find a way to take care of my health if I wanted to thrive in a physically demanding job.

By God’s grace, vegan diet made it easier to show up for work every day and love my job. I was a model employee and received awards – never tardy, never missed a day in my 9-year career. 

This work ethic was my badge of honor and I was so proud of it. But after I hit age 50 my body changed and I started feeling the effects of stress differently. I was feeling weak and short tempered. My body was telling me to slow down and prepare to embrace going through menopause. I was so involved with activities, events and people were counting on me so I felt I couldn’t slow down yet. Many months I felt so disconnected from myself and I was making my husband miserable.  I was totally out of tune with my true needs. 

Leaving my dream job  was hard to do, but I had to do it, I had to listen to my body. It was like a compass guiding me to a new path in my life.  I noticed I give more of my best self when I do self-care practices, in relationships and building a business. I have more pain free days, more joy, more passion for life.  Practicing Self Care is a great blessing in my marriage and my life.

What People Say

My  9 years experience as a nurse caregiver had provided me with a skill-set that is perfect for helping people transform their lives.  I teach and empower women to take responsibility for their health, with Confidence and Self-care.

I take care of my own health, naturally – Healthy Living is a lifestyle I enjoy. Vegetarian meals, Natural Healing using  self care practices and herbs, essential oils and scriptures to feed my mindsets.

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