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Glenda Hill Creator of glendaBhill.com

“It is Health that is the real Wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”  – Gandhi

Glenda and Eric (her husband of 30 years) are the kind of Entrepreneurs who will not sacrifice health to build a successful business.

Stress and overwhelm is something to intentionally guard against. 



If You are

  • Struggling to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Lack Energy and Often Feel Exhausted During The Day?
  • Depressed and Tired of Medications That Don’t Work?

Health Problems can get in the way of building a successful business online or offline.

Here’s a Solution In my story.   When working as a nurse caregiver I was always tired and in pain. I knew drugs wasn’t the answer because of the side effects so I searched for natural products that gave relief  as fast as prescription medications. And because I wanted to save money I signed up with the company to get wholesale price on my purchases.  What a great arrangement.  It worked well for me.  Click here to learn about some amazing health products

I’m now 59 1/2 and retired from nursing doing my business online part-time so I can retire my husband from his management job.


It’s not as much fun to be retired and my hubby is working all day. It’s lonely and can be depressing at times. To want to go somewhere and the only person in the world you want to go with you is unavailable.

So Staying healthy in mind and body while building a successful  online business is my goal.  It’s a process and a journey that I want to enjoy and not be overwhelmed and stressed out.  

Products I use for my pain and fatigue work very very well, and I am proud to offer solutions for people’s pain and their need for education.  

Glenda is an expert in personal empowerment. she motivates people to maximize their capacity for excellence. She inspires by supporting clients in the discovery of their true potential.


A Visionary

Glenda is confident in her ability to demonstrate what she teaches and coaches and can be counted on to create new ways of thinking via her improvisation. 

Her passion fuels her visionary influence as an entrepreneur that tomorrow WILL be different then today if we all are accountable and living our unique ability.

Her interest in the business aspect of health & wellness prompted her to learn Internet Marketing.  She has acquired specialized training in Client attractionMarketing, productivity training and Coaching.

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If you would like to have a a business that provides health and wellness products that is as effective as prescription medications without the side effects –  Good.  

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