About Glenda

I have always loved the outdoors. Spending time in nature, watching the sunsets, and smelling the woodlands, garden flowers and Yum Yum – Eating home grown vegetables.

Naturally, I would fall in love with Herbs and Essential Oils

Glenda  specializes in helping people grow their faith and build their health by using natural remedies and natural lifestyle practices that are simple to implement.

My Approach

Every person is different.  Their health, their life, their emotional state and their needs.  With essential oils there are certainly some products that are safe to use by the masses, but I like to tailor my blends to the specific needs of the individual.

After conducting an initial “in-take” consultation with a client, I am able to confidently offer recommendations on customized essential oil blends that fit the unique needs of the client.  I take into consideration any allergies the client may have, and pre-existing medical conditions or medications being taken, up coming or past surgeries and emotional stressors that may guide  me  to select or eliminate some oils in their blend.

Safe use of essential oils is foremost in my mind so it is critical that I understand the person that I am working with to offer  recommendations that will be successful.

God created plants for the health of our body and mind. He is the first aromatherapist. 

My faith in God and Meditation on  His promises in the scriptures is how I know the holistic approach to health and healing will work to give the body what it needs to heal myself and others.


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