About Glenda

I have always loved the outdoors. Spending time in nature, watching the sunsets, and smelling the woodlands, garden flowers and Yum Yum - Eating home grown vegetables.

Naturally, I would fall in love with Herbs and Essential Oils

I thank God for these wonderful gifts of healing that has given me so much happiness and joy even when circumstances surrounding me were not so pleasant.  I've been through a lot of pain and disappointments.  Essential Oils, Sunshine, fresh air, helped me keep my mind on having a greater future.  Today I am drug free, debt free, and honestly celebrating living each day trusting in divine power.

Let me Help you create a life of health and beauty using herbs & Oils everyday!

Glenda is a Board Certified Essential Oil Practitioner & Online Healthy Life Coach who specializes in helping others grow their faith and build their health by using natural remedies and natural lifestyle practices that are sustainable for the long-term.

Glenda Hill’s passion for educating people about heathy eating arose from her own personal journey. 20 years ago, Glenda had multiple chronic diseases.

Getting off the Standard American Diet proved a lifesaver. Glenda lost 40 pounds, by converting to a mostly plant-based diet and drug free lifestyle. Now, she is free of chronic disease, and enjoying a healthy life of freedom.

One of the things I believe with all my heart is that the Scriptures apply to all of life. The wisdom and practical teachings in the word of God can be applied to all areas of living a healthy life.  Marriage, Family, Career and Business.

My faith in God and His promises in the scriptures is how I know the herbs and oils will work to give the body what it needs to heal and stay healthy.

I’d love to hear you tell me your goals and connect with you in a more personal way!

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I respond to everyone personally.

What People Say About Glenda

"When I go to the doctor's office I look forward to talking with Glenda. She always ask questions that help me to see the gaps in my health routine and she provide helpful tips to close those gaps. I feel less stress and frustration and so much more confident."
J. Robb
Pharmaceutical Rep
"Glenda is my 'go to' person at the doctor's office. She is so positively energetic and she always lifts my spirits. The questions she asks helps clear my thinking and to better explain what's going on in my body and in my life. By the time the doctor comes in the room I'm more relaxed -- like I've been spiritually cared for".
E. Jackson
"I get a double blessing when I see Glenda during my doctor visits. She helps me with tips to get more fruits and veggies in my diet. Glenda is so much fun demonstrating exercises to do when I have trouble walking. She is such a fun person and always ready to give tips to ease my pain naturally".
R. Weaks

I'm a nurse caregiver turned HealthyLifestyle Coach who has worked in the healthcare field for over nine years.


  Individual sessions:

 $300 for 5 sessions, typically 30 minutes in length; e-mail support between sessions.


  Clinic Patient Care Providence Health Network Oct. 2010 to present

  CNA Alzheimer’s Unit  Wesley Woods HealthCare 1999-2000

  Education  & Training

  Bachelor of Science Holistic Nutrition, Clayton College

  Certified Consultant, Heal with Oils

  Certified Stress Relief Coach

 U.S. Army Reserve - Communications Specialist, Computer Science

  Volunteer Services

  2016 American Heart Assoc. -Fundraiser, Run Walk Team Leader

 2016 American Bone Health - Balance Exercise Leader

 2017 Hospice Intern - Interim Hospice

My Story

A few years ago I experienced Caregiver's BurnOUT. 

I needed a creative outlet so I started a side business of Coaching and teaching about the safe and effectively ways to use Essential Oils.

I had to learn new skills to see myself as Beautiful at any age.  I had to  Learn new skills to get debt free and new skills to generate other sources of income.

Being organized and sticking to a good routine has made me successful working for others, so  I decided to make it work for me moving forward.

I created a Transformation Health Routine ROADMAP to help myself navigate through my health challenges and changes necessary in order to become  successful as a healthy woman in business serving others.  

As your coach, I am committed to your success and will help you plan for your future.

We will work together.  I’ll ask you powerful questions, celebrate your accomplishments, hold you accountable and help you chart your progress.

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