Too Busy, Too Tired, Too Lazy To Stay Motivated

Do you often feel too busy, too tired or too lazy to stay motivated to do your healthy life routines? The real motivation comes from the reason why you want to be healthy in the first place.  If you have short term goals like, weight loss, stop smoking or to get off medications this is all good but once you achieve those goals- what’s next?  Hundreds of thousands of people go back, slip back to an unhealthy diet.

When you desire to fulfill the call on your life, or your purpose in life the motivation is much stronger. I learned that lesson recently when I discovered what my spiritual gift is.  God’s anointing power that accompanies my unique strengths empowers me to take care of my health, my body as a vehicle to make a positive impact on the lives of people in my life. The spiritual gift is something I have to share with others in order to experience the anointing in my life. The more I share the gift the greater and stronger my immune system gets.

Realizing that when we take care of our health- our body — by eating healthy, drinking water, exercising outdoors in the sunshine, getting good sleep we are following God’s plan for our life. Our spiritual gift is assigned to us after we establish a personal relationship with the Lord.  As we exercise the gift of the spirit our bodies get this incredible boost of immune strength and day-to-day enabling to make wise choices about foods, careers, relationships and more.

This is the key to good health, staying motivated to continue healthy routines for the long term and being empowered to positively impact the world.

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