Start Living Healthy - 3 Reasons You Aren't Taking Action

I have found that the #1 reason people don’t take action to start living healthy is that they believe the myth that it is not possible for them to look and feel as good as they want to. Take action today. It’s important to change your mindset and language around this. Focus on what is possible!
The truth is, regardless of your health condition healing and transformation can be a reality, if you know and apply a proven, reliable and repeatable formula for success. There are many formulas out there. 
I follow the NEWSTART philosophy and have integrated it into my lifestyle 25 years ago and continue to love it today.
  • Nutrition – Taking time to understand what constitutes a balanced and nutritious diet and implementing this plan on a consistent basis.
  • Exercise –  Outdoor exercising for at least 30 minutes three or four times per week.
  • Water – Drinking adequate amounts of clean water each day.
  • Sunshine – Ensuring that the body receives a moderate amount of sunshine (at least 15 minutes per day).

• Temperance – Using good things (e.g., eating, work). moderately and avoiding the bad (e.g., alcohol, tobacco, drugs),  is obviously wise, yet many people often find this balance is hard to practice.

  • Air – Ensuring that one is constantly exposed to an abundant supply of fresh, pure air (oxygen).
  • Rest – Obtaining adequate rest and sleep each day (six to seven hours minimum), and taking time to rest from computers, news media, gossip, social media drama, etc.
  • Trust in Divine Power – Maintaining a daily personal relationship with God and trusting in His ability to provide help in coping with life’s challenges.
Another reason #2  You’re stuck in the busy life
I can remember when I first starting living healthy I had to go shopping far out of my neighborhood for a higher quality of food- it was a major inconvenience because of the time and effort involved. If you already have a busy schedule this would discourage most people.  I made the sacrifice because I wanted the best food for my body.
Here’s another reason #3  You’re avoiding failure and discomfort
Of, course no one likes failure or discomfort; but the truth is, if you’re going to learn and grow, there are going to be some moments of failure and times where you will need to step out of your comfort zone.
So what if you make a one or two mistakes when you start living healthy. Just know this: You can eliminate costly mistakes by hiring a healthy lifestyle coach. I have helped people with shopping lists, recipes, and resources like where to buy what they need online and many other ways to support them.
In this article, I have given you 3 action steps you can take today to begin to heal and transform your health.
1. Align your mindset and language around what is possible for you to achieve living healthy
2. Adopt the NEWSTART philosophy as a proven, reliable, repeatable formula for success
3. Avoid costly mistakes and hire a healthy lifestyle coach
For beginners I have a Free Guide “Start Living Healthy” Discovery why “diet & exercise” is the WRONG place to start to improve your health. Click Here for your Free Guide.