Sauna Healing

Glenda Hill

Glenda Hill

Holistic Nutritionist, Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Sweating is an important natural function of the body to maintain good health.  How will you sweat if you were injured or could not exercise?

Well, for years I have struggled with low back pain due to scoliosis, (curvature in the spine) and there are days when I am unable to exercise.

As a result I have other challenges like weight gain, poor circulation, chronic constipation, and difficulty relaxing fully.  Also anxiety and depression hits me when I’m super stressed, and when I feel I’m not enjoying life.

Mental Health Alert:   Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health conditions experienced by people in America and tend to affect people during their prime working years (16 to 64 years).

Perhaps that’s you or someone in your own family or in your circle of friends.

When I was in my late 20’s I experienced betrayal that wounded me so deeply that it shattered my self-esteem which led to my depression but I’ve since gotten past it and I’m successfully living as the hero of my health. Before practicing self-care daily I used to cry a lot, I took drugs and alcohol to cope with chronic back pain and stress and I would wake up in the mornings and wonder why should I get out of bed. It just didn’t seem to be any point to it at all, but then my husband helped me realize that this was not normal and that most people want to get out of bed. So I prayed about it and praised God for the remedy that would transform my thoughts and my life.

Now I have a self-care regime that keeps me healthy and well and it’s all very manageable but I wanted to share this with you to raise awareness about mental health, and also so you can understand why I need to have self-care in my life.  And perhaps you do too.

I use sauna sweating as a solution to my physical and mental health needs.  Sweat is another form of detoxification that helps eliminate pollutants that the liver and kidneys didn’t process. Aside from exercise, you can get a really good sweat in a sauna.

Vigorous exercise is not always an option for me so sweating in the sauna works great. I love it. Of course along with other things I do to live a healthy lifestyle: Vegan diet, a work-life balance and trust in divine power.

The sweating I achieve in the sauna is helping me. I started out with 15-minute sessions at the highest level heat  2-3 times a week.  Some days I have sessions twice a day at the mid-level.

And I sleep better. Seven to nine hours of beauty sleep every night sets you up to handle stressful challenges.

Sweating provides wonderful health and beauty benefits: 

  1. skin & emotional detox
  2. pain relief
  3. relaxation
  4. increase blood circulation
  5. release water weight

We need to release, or detox our negative emotions or they will build up and block the body’s healing potential and drain energy to be productive. When we release negative emotions, we free up energy for a positive, successful, and fulfilling life.

My goal is to share my self-care experiences so that you can be inspired to take action to heal your body naturally, and achieve optimal health.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. If you like my suggestions  and find them helpful, please let me know.


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