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WELCOME ! As a former Nurse Caregiver, I've found the simplest, easiest way to help others look and feel good is by keeping their spirits up. I Help people stay in “good mood” healing using herbs and essential oils. Want to learn more about how I do that?

Aromatherapy is Holistic and Complementary.  Even If you are on medications and other Treatments  You can benefit by AROMATHERAPY. If you're curious about how essential oils can impact your health naturally,  I'd love to walk you through it. 

The Teacher

Glenda Hill

Certified Essential Oil Practitioner

Glenda is a Nurse Caregiver turned Aromatherapy Consultant

In this training series Glenda shares a unique approach to using herbs and oils to lift the mood and improve how the body performs.

If you want to feel good and look good you have to get in a good mood and stay there. Essential oils can lift you to good mood level and by thinking good thoughts you can create better health in your body. When you are always in a bad mood, grouchy and complaining all the time you do Harm to your health beauty and relationships.While learning about Aromatherapy  Glenda will address the 

  • Bad-Mood Traps that keep us stuck in depression, anxiety and lacking confidence. 
  • Also learn common mistakes people make using essential oils. 
  • She will provide information how to use herbs & oils  safely and effectively, in practical every day life.

Ready to feel more empowered around your health and wellness?  

This Training is For

People looking for natural solutions to OVERCOME Depression, Insomnia, Post Menopausal Complaints, Food Cravings, Pain, Self -Esteem------Don't See Yourself As Beautiful.

And For People who love Essential Oils and want To Learn To Use Them Effectively.

Let me help you make sense of the world of natural remedies and women's wellness. My best tips and Trainings will come straight to your inbox. 

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