Happy Eating Only 2 Meals A Day

Happy Eating Only 2 Meals A Day

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I like to say that Eating only 2 meals a day is a tool to use as part of your healthy lifestyle.There’s no diet wagon to fall off, just a learning process of listening to your body and taking it one day at a time.

Practicing eating 2 meals a day cut down my belly fat, and my leaky gut is on the mend.  So much of my ENERGY and TIME is Free to be used for Bigger and Better Things

As your Healthy Lifestyle Coach I offer you support and guidance in learning to listen to your body and to TAKE ACTION to give your body what it needs when it needs it. My coaching is more spiritual in the sense that I help you overcome fears, doubt and unbelief so you can Transform How You Feel, How You Look and How You Perform.

If a person has medical conditions, issues with anxiety, chronic stress, past eating disorders…then it is possible that the 2 Meal approach may exaggerate them. Everyone can react differently. My leaky gut problem is only one of the reasons I decided to brave the challenge of eating 2 meals a day.

Dinner was historically my favorite meal of the day and I thought it would be really difficult to give up. In fact, it was  easy once I got passed the first week.  I don’t even feel hungry.

The most ideal meal pattern is the major meal in the morning at breakfast time, another major meal in the early or mid afternoon, and no supper other than some herbal tea. This pattern seems to work best for desk workers, patients, and busy caregivers.  This pattern works best for me because digestion takes a lot of energy and the stomach needs rest afterwards.Crowding the meals together puts is stressful to the digestive process. 

I found it’s less stressful to think about food now. It’s great to feel I can do without the 3rd meal —it helps after a long day at work and when I rather do other things with my time.

Why Eat Less? To Lose Weight. A large study done at the National Institutes of Health showed that reducing calories by 30 percent lowered blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart disease. If the calories were reduced even further there was a reduction also in cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. British studies as well as studied done at the University of Maryland and the University of Wisconsin had similar findings.

Why Have a Routine?  Being on a routine meal schedule will increase the general metabolic control of the body. Body weight, blood sugar, and free fatty acid levels in the blood show a more favorable metabolic pattern when the meal schedule is routine.   

Health benefits aside there are more advantages to make the change to the two-meal plan, there is saving energy, time and money. You effectively add at least one more useful hour to your day by saving the time used to plan, purchase, prepare, eat, and clean up after the third meal.  Calculate for yourself how much money you can save by adopting the 2 meal a day strategy to health and prosperity

Are you ready to make big changes in your life? 

Do you want to start 2018 in a powerful way with personalized support and the tools to achieve the healthy lifestyle goals and healthy body you truly want?

I’m ready to show you how but you have to be ready to get serious, commit yourself … to feeling good, healthy and strong – everyday.

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