Get Off Medications, Naturally

Get Off Medications Naturally

Medications are toxic and leave toxic residue in the body. If you want real healing the key is to give the body what it needs to heal itself.  But that’s not all you need to do to get off medications, naturally. Living a healthy lifestyle provides a way of life that eliminates the need for over-the-counter and prescription drugs. 

Replace bad habits with good.
  • Drink Water to flush out toxins and promote good eliminations
  • Eat Real Food. Chemical free, high nutrient foods to give the body fuel and energy to perform
  • Get Good Sleep. (you may have to lose weight, not take pills) Sleep with a clear conscience
  • Rest the body, mind, and stomach.  Stop overeating and you give rest to brain and stomach
  • Exercise.  Deep Breathing, Physical and mental exercises.  Including daily Christian Meditation
  • Enjoy the Outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine, beauty of nature.
  • Detox the skin with soak baths, steam baths, and skin brushing in the shower
  • Replace cleaning solutions, hair and skin care products with non toxic, zero chemical products 
  • Purify indoor air with essential oil – aromatherapy 

Friends, these are lifestyle habits that reduce stress, boost immune system and grows faith in God.  Practice for 30 days and see if you still need to take drugs.

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Glenda Hill is a retired nurse caregiver offering you support and guidance to get off medications naturally.