Coaching Services

I’m Glenda Hill. Nurse Caregiver, Entrepreneur, Coach

Are You a motivated go getter?

Someone who wants to design your own routine for a healthy life and get your body in the best condition, ever? 

I can help ! Coaching can be something very powerful for you.


  • Start Working Smarter? and with Less Stress?
  • Discover how to nourish your body, so you can have energy to perform, and look good and feel good?
  • Accomplish  More with Less Effort, so you can build your health and build your wealth?

Coaching  Services Provides

  • Customized Health & Business  Coaching (because no 2 people or businesses are the same.)
  • Online, or In-Person Meetings 
  • Assessments, Set Goals, Plans, Strategies
  • Accountability Check-ins, Motivational Emails, Prayers and other Support from me personally


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Health Wealth coaching can give you the motivation required to unlock your full potential: greater success, more money, better relationships and more time to do what you love! If you are ready to start reducing stress and frustration, contact us! If you’re ready to start saving time, money and energy, contact us today!

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