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I’m Glenda Hill. Retired Nurse Caregiver, Entrepreneur, Coach

Are You Overwhelmed, Stress and Frustrated with  too much to do and No time to Enjoy Life?

Enjoy Healthy Success not soul-sucking stressful success

You are that person who is always thinking...

“I really wanna do this! I want to be successful. I badly want to be SUPER SUCCESSFUL!”…

But for some reason you find yourself holding back, doubting every idea, step and decision

Overthinking things and slowing yourself down

Yet, you keep trying, sometimes stopping, but then start trying again…

You DREAM of the day your bank account is packed with multiple figure statements

You catch yourself day dreaming about the day you are supporting your family in health and wealth

I Get You!

All those thoughts trickled down in my life in the form of depression, self-doubt, procrastination, lack of confidence.

But when the pain gets unbearable, you find a way out!

I knew I was meant for more, to do more and to be more.  And in order to accomplish that “more” I broke free of unhealthy thoughts, beliefs and self-image based on lies.

I invested in myself  with money $8,000 and time and energy to learn how to eat healthy, manage stress effectively and building a profitable business online.

After years of study I am creating the success I want, the way I want!  It’s empowering and It feels so liberating!


  • Start Working Smarter? and with Less Stress?
  • Discover Your Natural Productivity Style, so you can  Maximize Your Results with Less Effort?
  • Accomplish  More with Less Effort, so you can grow your business and make more money?


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Health & Busines coaching can give you the motivation required to unlock your full potential: greater success, more money, better relationships and more time to do what you love! If you are ready to start reducing stress and frustration, contact us! If you’re ready to start saving time, money and energy, contact us today!

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