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You want good health, so you can go after your big dreams.  I have just the thing for you this week. It’s the S.L.A.M.  technique for setting health goals and achieving them.


You may state that your goal is to lose 20 lbs. But that’s not a goal.  You have to be more specific.  Now be more specific by stating for the next 2 weeks I will speed walk around the track during my lunch breaks every day.  This is a goal- It’s specific, time line, you can track progess, you can achieve it!


Decide on 1 goal. Limit your Goal choice to Just One. Too many goals is why many people fail to achieve. Focus your attention on One goal at a time get it done then move to the next goal.


On a scale of 1 to 10 what is the highest probability you will achieve this goal? If your number doesn’t rank high enough – like 7 -10 go back to your goal and structure it differently- maybe it wasn’t specific enough or not meaningful enough.


What’s the criteria that proves you are making progress toward achieving your goal. Your body may be a little sore from the increased level of exercise. The “weigh in” scale reads a lower weight.  You’re feeling good and looking good in your clothes.

Okay this is it. I hope you are blessed with this health goal setting and achieving technique. Apply it to your life to build: Confidence and Conviction to go after your big dreams achieving one goal at a time.

If you want help to set a goal and achieve it I invite you to a coaching session. During this 30-minute Coaching session, you will be guided through The S.L.A.M.  Health Goal setting technique.

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