chat with Glenda Q & A Session

Got pressing nutritional health concerns questions? Get answers!

Do Your Food Sensitivities Make Meal Planning Impossible?
Your – “Chat with Glenda”session will address this and so much more!

Got pressing nutritional/health concern questions? Get answers!

Looking for a more holistic approach to healthy living or healing chronic illness?
Want to eat better but don’t know where to begin?
Totally confused about which foods are right for you?
Need advice on the next steps in your wellness journey?
I will answer your health and wellness questions and provide you with my expert advice along with my tips and tricks for creating a healthier life in your next “Chat with Glenda” session.

In our Q & A session, YOU are in the driver’s seat!

As a nurse caregiver for 9 years I’ve helped people with their day to day health routines and comforted them through their struggles and supported them to reach their goals. I understand, all too well, the apprehension, fear and frustration of not knowing what to do next when it comes to healing chronic illness. And I will show you one step at a time how your every day choices can make a profound difference in how you heal and how you feel.

Chances are, no matter how detailed or obscure your questions are, I can help point you in the right direction.

My goal  is to get you on the road to healthy living – feeling alive, energetic and happy –

The answers you seek can literally save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and months of wasted time. And I don’t want you to wonder and worry any longer, so…

That’s why I’m offering you a personal Q&A 30-minute session.

What’s not included: A Diagnosis, Prescriptions. I’m not a medical doctor.  Believe me, you will come away knowing so much more than before our call! On the call, I will verbally go over herbs, oil and food as medicine that I feel will help you. We will also go over your other pressing questions. If you’re looking for a customized health routine, tools like self-care plans, shopping lists and meal plans, you may want to consider our other packages on our services page instead of this Q & A session.

Q & A  Cost: $89 Introductory Special!