Vegans Having Heart Attacks

Vegans Having Heart Attacks

How To Eat Healthy Food? Eat Healthy Foods in the    proper food combinations in   few varieties and practice  portion control. The human body is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Inside of us is a divine intelligence within the cells and […]

Ways to Use Herbs For A Healthier Life

A Divine Prescription  Your body has the ability to heal itself…so why are you ill or struggling? No HUMAN BEING, or Natural Remedy can heal the deep frustrations that pains our hearts. We all need God’s help to be made whole again.  As […]

Take Steps To Stay Energized

Take Steps To Stay Energized.  It’s within your power to live energized. We are energy. Our bodies naturally flow with energy. So all we need to do is keep the energy flowing and not allow anything to block our energy. […]