How Do You Rate Your Confidence Level-Too Low, Too High, Just Right?

Meditation Scripture 1 John 5:14 provides a beautiful promise to give us confidence for every situation.

Transform Your Day with Thankfulness

Psalm 118:1 Teaches Us How and Why To Give Thanks

How to Get Rid Of Anxiety

Philippians 4:4-7 Provides 3 powerful instructions to get rid anxiety. 

How To Meditate The Way Heaven Approves

If you are new to Scripture Meditation  this audio will help you appreciate the purpose and  transformational power of meditating on scripture.  Instead of empyting the mind like the new age yoga way — We fill the mind with Bible scriptures and meditate God’s way.

Why I Love Essential Oils For My Immune System

We are constantly being bombarded by all kinds of toxins that is constantly attacking our body.  The good news is our body has a built-in immune system  that  protects us from dangerous and lethal chemical pollutants.
So how is it that we get sick if we have an immune system to protect us?  Good Question … 

Healthy Lifestyle Success Coaching

It has never been easier to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals