Proper Digestion Helps You Achieve Weight Loss Goals

When you begin chewing, glands in your mouth and throat begin to secrete saliva. This process can start with the sight or smell of food. The liquid aids digestion, moistens your mouth.  Digestive issues can definitely have a large effect on the way we eat and how our bodies absorb and digest foods, causing us to gain or lose weight.  

Digestion begins in the mouth, well before food reaches the stomach. When we see, smell, taste, or even imagine a tasty meal, our salivary glands in front of the ear, under the tongue, and near the lower jaw begin making saliva (spit).

 Foods not chewed skip past the release of amylase enzyme essential for braking down carbs. Undigested foods stick to the large intestines resulting in constipation. And  Constipation causes weight gain.

When you’re constipated that weighed-down feeling you get could be weight gain which is what could be adding a few pounds to the scale. Not to mention that constipation itself doesn’t exactly give us the motivation to hit the gym and crush a workout. Rather, it’s way more likely that you’re feeling sluggish and heavy… and the couch is calling your name.