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10 Signs You Need Self-Care + Tips That Help

To avoid stress burnout look at the list of 10 signs you need self-care. Self-CARE is the foundation of a Healthy Lifestyle.  But the hard facts tells us that over 70% of us are failing to meet basic needs of nutrition, hydration, sleep…  Are you one of them?  It’s NOT your fault…

I realized in my own life that starting a new business and maintaining a loving home life requires seasons of “hustle”, and having a self-care plan provides for me seasons of “flow”. We all desire balance. That’s how I know you can make time and have energy to practice self-care.  But how?

Even if you feel overworked and underpaid, or too busy and too tired, you can begin to build new roads in your life with self-care practices.  Yes, its true. You can do something to help yourself have a better quality of life. And if you take action today you can see results in days, weeks, months. By next year you’ll be amazed at the transformation.

What is Self-CARE?

Self-care is CARE provided “BY  You, FOR You.”  I’m pretty sure you already know what makes you feel well, comfortable and happy physically and emotionally. You also know what makes you feel secure socially and financially.

What I suggest is that you focus your time and efforts on getting more of what makes you feel well and secure in your day-to-day life.

Look Out For Signs You Need Self-Care for Physical and Mental Health

Now pick an area in your life you want to improve or resolve.

Choose to build a new road in your life with a Self-CARE practice that you can commit to. I will help you get started.

Build a new Road in Your Life

You probably noticed how often I refer to your self-care practice as a new road in your life. The reason is because Self-Care is a life skill taking up residence in your mind, heart and soul. And it will have a positive impact on your physical performance, social life and mental health.

You Can Do This, You Can Make Time For Self-care

Start with something small and simple.

Case Study

Mr. Ricks is a primary care patient who made a self-motivated decision to eliminate one item of junk food each week and the study showed, that was effective to lower his risk of coronary heart disease.

Try one small and simple self-care activity that will result in your desired goal. It could be health, relationship, business or career. But it has to be something you can stick with.

Consistency = Faster Results

If you feel your self-care activity is too hard or takes too much time to stick with, then that means you need to break it down to ridiculously small steps.

For example:  you may want to start journal writing for clarity and confidence. And you skipped a few days of writing in your journal because you lacked the privacy you need.  You could try to write in the car- take a drive somewhere and write. The key is to not miss a day of journaling. Find a way to remove the barriers so you can stay on track.

Greater consistency = faster more lasting results

Let me know how you’re doing. I am here to support you. Contact me with questions and comments. I love to hear you’re making progress.

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Case Study Reference  JAMA 2002

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